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Supernatural season 9 spoilers

Posted by Anthony O'Brien on September 12, 2013 at 6:50 PM

Supernatural' Season 9 Spoilers: Resurrection of Dead Angel, A Dalliance For Cas, Fallen Angels' Powers

When the credits rolled on last spring's "Sacrifice," Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) had seized power in heaven, Castiel (Misha Collins) has lost his grace, and an alarming number of angels had become fireballs as they plummeted to earth. Now, Supernatural's cast and crew have leaked a few details regarding the angels' powers, the return of Metatron, the resurrection of some deceased angels, and a possible romantic dalliance for Cas. Unlike the graceless Cas, it appears that the fallen angels will retain most of their powers. "The angels that fall have full angel powers but they don't have any wings, so the only angel specialty [they are lacking] is they can't teleport," said executive producer Robert Singer during the San Diego Comic-Con, according to Give Me My Remote TV. "Other than that they can do all their angel stuff - they can smite, they can heal, do the things we've come to know from angels." This could cause a few problems for the people of earth as well as the angels themselves. As some seek to find a way back to heaven and others try to settle in on earth, Singer says that battles between different factions are inevitable. As for Metatron, viewers won't be seeing him until at least mid-season. "I can tell you that while he exacted his revenge, he's finding it a little lonely up there," Singer said in an interview. "There are non-angels up there, there are all the souls that have risen to heaven, and he doesn't really have anybody up there to keep the electricity on." Meanwhile, there may be a few unexpected angels among the numbers on earth. "I know there are angels that we really like that we killed off... [and] yes, I think we will reintroduce some angels," Singer teased fans. Find Out What Dead Characters May Return to Supernatural. Could this signal the possible return of Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.)? If the self-proclaimed Trickster does make a reappearance, he will certainly be intrigued about Cas' upcoming sexual exploits. "There is sex that does occur between Castiel and a person," Misha Collins coyly informed fans at last weekend's VanCon. It appears Cas will finally have a chance to display a few of the lessons he learned from the pizza man. 'Supernatural' Season 9 Spoilers: What Dead Characters May Return? 

Dying on Supernatural is not necessarily an indication that your character will not resurface at some point in the future. The CW sci-fi drama is notorious for bringing their deceased members back from the grave. As the series heads into its ninth season, an interesting question presents its self - did Metatron (Curtis Armstong) fracture Heaven enough to send human souls falling to earth along with the angels? "When the angels fell, a lot of junk fell out of heaven," said executive producer Jeremy Carver, according to the Examiner.Whether Carver is referring to emotional "junk," such as rifts between different angels, or if he is referencing beings other than angels is currently unclear. However, considering Bobby (Jim Beaver) makes a return in the season premiere, it may be safe to assume that a few human elements have suddenly departed heaven. If this is the case, who else could viewers possibly see during the season. Names that come to mind include Ellen, Jo, and Ash. "Meg kinda died - everyone on Supernatural kinda dies," Carver said in reference to a question about the possible return of the helpful demon, according to Entertainment Weekly. "I think myself and Bob [Singer] - like anyone involved in Supernatural - when someone dies, you want it to count a little bit. So there are no immediate plans to bring her back." While no one knows quite where demons and angels go after they are killed, Meg probably would not be among those who could have been accidently knocked out of Heaven. However, it goes to show how easy it would be for Carver and Co. to use the event to bring back any number of characters.

Supernatural returns to the CW on Oct. 8.

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